Watching things one loves wither further and further until they are a pile of flesh and rust staring at you, unable to completely die is horrific.
It is strangely upsetting when something evil yet useful slowly withers, the feeling that so many things that could/would happen simply won't anymore, loss of potentiality, like a casual aquintance getting run over by a sports car, bleeding out. And in that vein, it feels like twitter, a website blood never *liked* but also found very useful, found many friends/lovers/dolls/pets through and by proxy, dying feels like a great disaster. So to see a person(derogatory) and a bilionare no less single handedly drive out so very much potential out of it, drive girls out of it feels like a deep loss, friends unfound, interactions unhad, girls unaquired, and potentially money unmade, being a transfem from a terrible background all part of that of the same loss. Think there is at least something liberating in it(or maybe would *like* to believe that), even if having to largely rebuild an internet presence, when so much could have gone in one's favour is going to be a deeply stresful and pressure inducing experience. Perhaps quieter more private places and galvanising what can be gathered from the ruins is going to be for the better.
There's a certain satisfaction in burning.