-To not have the better spaces one has on the internet rot-
With twitter being the nightmare mess it is, and it being hard to split attention between many platforms, think focusing on a website, ones own digital garden/space etc etc etc is a far more worthwhile endevour. So a little update is in order nyan nyan~ With endless buildup of WIP projects, blood managed to release a game with her sweet angelic daughter wren, you can play it here!! .(made for the VN cup ) Here are a few iterations of designing girls for it, for girls are the most important things always~

Sketches- concept art
more concept art
First Draft- wonky girl picture
Girl Complete- (with specifics to herself, instead of just her girltype) puregirl
That is a little bit of dev look, wish to write more about things, such as why sekiro is a represoid nightmare game that trans girls love, to revel in gender expression through violence and slaughter, when other alternatives are taken ~
For now longing stare at the moon girls, maybe it will stare back <3 🌚 Tenchou Vibing